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This is basically a journal where I organize+collect any information and news related to Toma.

As of March 31st, 2010
Won't be adding anyone for now.
Don't post as often anyway, so you're not missing out on much. =)


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Note to self.

Ningen Shikkaku: February 20.
Seaside Motel: June 5.
Hanamizuki: August 21.
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I honestly should not be posting right now because RL obligations are taking over.
Sorry if I haven't replied to your comments.

There's been various uwasa and speculations flying around...
But... confirmed in today's Mezamashi News and Nikkan Sports.


Ikuta Toma playing the lead role in the movie Seaside Motel.
Based on the original comic MOTEL by Okada Yukio.
Plays a smooth-talking fake cosmetics salesman.
Premiering next year. Filming started at the end of August.
The heroine is a call girl played by Aso Kumiko.

And while I'm at it...
From TV Guide.
His character's name in Yonimo Kimyona Monogatari is Mikio (ミキオ).
Has suicidal tendencies.
Ryo-san (the actress that played the mom in Ryusei no Kizuna) will be acting with him.

Two movies back to back in the same year...
He's still as busy as ever.

From this article and this article, it means that the Guam sightings were true!!
They started the Guam location shooting on August 30th.
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Today at Kokuritsu.

From what I can gather so far:
- Blogger's friend said she saw Ryo-chan and Toma
- Saw Nishikido. Think the person sitting beside Nishikido was Toma
- Today's guests: Ryo-chan, Chinen-kun, Ogura-san, Toma-kun
- Two brown haired people sitting behind Ryo-chan and Toma
- Toma came. Seems like he wore a black hat, white shirt, black blazer, jeans

Too inconvenient at work to look for more details.
I'm sure Arashi fans would know.
Hope more reports will come in soon.
If it's true, then thank goodness Ningen wrapped up earlier this week so he would have the chance to go.
He can just purely enjoy the concert without think about anything else =)
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It's been a while.

From a japanese fan's blog.
The October issue of Potato.
Yamashita Tomohisa x Ikuta Toma.

I'm so happy right now because he updated before the filming is completely over =)
After 16 days!

Volume 254.
Of course, had to advertise for his ACUO gum.
And how Aki from VOICE is playing Yoshiko in Ningen Shikkaku.
Wants to buy JET's new cd because he hasn't bought any cds lately.
Mentioned CUT, spent a lot of time on the interview, lots of content.
Only a bit left before the filming finishes.

From a Staff-san's blog.
Four more days until the crank up.

It's been a satisfying week~
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It's HERE~~~~

Lotte's ACUO website just opened!!!!!!!!!
First version of the CM is out!!
Watch online!!



Seems like there's still a Couple version and a Restaurant version to be released.
Hope he'll be in those two as well  XD
Probably the Couple one is with Eikura Nana.

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New CM~

No time! Something quick.

Uwasa has been circulating since the end of June.
June 30.

Male blogger wrote that he someone told him about seeing Eikura Nana and Ikuta Toma filming for a CM.

No official information yet.
But he has a new CM.
For Lotte's ACUO gum. The labels in convenience stores have been changed.
Rumours of 3 different CMs for 3 different flavours. Or 3 CMs with lengths of 30s, 15s and 5s.
Rumours of two versions: one with Eikura Nana and one with someone else.

Edit Aug 17:
Lotte website still under construction It's opened! Toma♥♥~~~~
But Sanspo, Nikkan and Sponichi have released more information.
Was revealed on the 16th that the CMs will be broadcasted starting on the 17th.
He'll be playing the role of a student.
Product on sale - August 18.

Speculation of Ishihara Satomi being part of the Ningen cast is finally confirmed~
She'll play the role of Yoshiko.
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Here or There?

This is was from last month but I can picture the blogger's excitement.
I want to spazz over chopsticks too~

Sighting @ some restaurant.

Ikuta Toma came to their shop to eat.

He ate warabi (some kind of vegetable ish thing).
Went to refill his tea...
(He's) Cool/refreshing ♥

Because he's too cool, everyone was very excited wordpress blog stats
It's very rare that such an ikemen would come to their store.

After he left,
Ah, Toma-kun's chopsticks!!

Toma-kun's cup...

There's still some tea left!! (laugh)

Didn't wash (the cup) until work ended, saved it sincerely. (laugh)

An idol's power is very incredible.
Just thinking about it, makes her very excited.

From 090806 Daily Sports

Watanabe Tetsu's column: 『哲、この部屋』
Mentioned again how he saw Ikuta Toma when he went to Kyoto.
(Referring to his 090723 blog entry.)

and some more stuff.Collapse )
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Still in Kyoto.

090802 sighting @ Kyoto Station.

Today at Kyoto Station
Ikuta Toma
seems like he was there!!

Want to see.
Must be really cool.

The probability is very high to meet someone from the entertainment world at the place that she works at Kyoto Station.

Last month at their store
Koike Eiko came as a customer!!

From Jinguji Taro's 090803 entry.

Was talking to Fukuda Saki when, the lead of the movie that he's in, I田斗真-san appeared, saying "ohayo gozaimasu".

The amazing thing about I田-san is that even to a small actor like himself, (Toma) still greets him courteously.
Because he always finishes filming first, he'll say "otsukaresama deshita" before leaving the studio.
At that time, (Toma) would also respond properly.

Even though (Toma) is the lead, there isn't any conceited behaviour.
And emits an a~~~~~mazingly good fragrance!! (laugh)

 In a studio that makes him feel like he's in a sauna, (Toma) seems like he's still cool.
 Very very stylish.

Note to self:
Kyomoto Masaki's 090805 long long long entry.

and from 0909 wink up.Collapse )
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Quiz! Jr no Mama.


I'm sure a lot of people have seen this clip and probably wrote about it before...
Oh well. More Toma!
Wrote this before going to work, so mistakes and inaccuracies galore~

From the Quiz! Jr. no Mama corner.

guess who is toma's okaa-chan.Collapse )

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